Minutes of the East London Triathletes AGM
Monday 14 th January 2013


Committee Members: Siobhan Bay, Martin Bay, Pete Dyer, Dawn Hunter,
Justin McDermott, Lawrence Shafier, Natasha Sevant

Other Members: Roy Bentley, Tracy Brown, Hang Chow, Linda Harrison,
Robin Hitch, Glen Irwin, Mark Kalinauckas, Trish Kelly, Jo Rodda, Claire
Wagh, Jaimie Watts

Minutes Action

1. Welcome and Apologies for Absence
There were a larger number of attendees than in previous years and Siobhan thanked all members present for
coming along.

Apologies had been received from: Jonathan Bishop, Clare Bloom, David Lawrence, David Longstaff, Lorraine Taylor, and Bernie Wolff.

2. Minutes of the 2012 AGM and Matters Arising Minutes approved.

Grand Prix: It was decided to have more GP races in 2012 in order to allow more choice/options with the aim of
increasing the numbers racing. However, since this approach did not increase entries the committee have
taken the decision to reduce the number of races for the forthcoming year, and also to keep them as local and low
cost as possible.

Social Events: It was proposed to have more social events during 2012, and the club did run two Rollapuluza events
along with the usual social events (BBQ, Christmas dinner, etc.). Unfortunately, no Sunday pub nights were
arranged but nonetheless the monthly post-swim pub nights were reinstated towards the end of the year.

3. Chair's Report Siobhan reported that it has been a good year for the club.

However, despite a consistently high membership, attendance numbers have been low at the Grand Prix
races, summer BBQ, Rollapaluza and other events, but perhaps this was due to the bad weather that persisted
during last year. The numbers attending weekday swim sessions this year
has been down so the committee had to take the decision to drop the Larkswood swim session on Thursdays to
save on costs. This initially meant the loss of the 1.5 hours swim session, but an extra 30 minutes was soon arranged
for the Thursday session at the college pool. It is hoped that having all swim sessions in the college pool will
improve the club feel/identity. The coaches have continued to do a great job this year,
meeting frequently and being very organised. They have designed new coaches club kit and will be wearing it soon.
Although numbers at the turbo training sessions have been low, it was decided to persevere with these sessions
because the regular attendees were finding them very beneficial. This perseverance has been successful as the
numbers attending have now increased. The Sunday Less Fast Bike Ride has become more of a
regular self-running session with attendees organising themselves when none of the leaders are able to
volunteer. Dragonslayer 2011 won the London League Event of the Year Award which would have been great for marketing
the 2012 race but we unfortunately didn't find out soon enough. The weather on the day of Dragonslayer 2012 was terrible
but the race still went ahead, and ELT are proud to have hosted one of the few events that was not cancelled that
day. Under those conditions it wasn't clear whether or not the competitors had a great time but the marshals
certainly did, as always. The Grand Prix Ironman (long) distance race for 2013 is the Outlaw Triathlon in Nottingham, and at the last count
15 club members have entered. Siobhan has had to pull out because of injury but said she will still be there
supporting members with banners and hopes other members will too.

After being the club chair for three years, Siobhan has this year decided to step down. She has really enjoyed being
the chair and was especially pleased to see so many members taking a recent interest in the running of the
club, by attending the AGM and also responding to the members survey. She will miss being chair but doesn't think we will miss her

Thank you to Siobhan for all her enthusiasm, dedication and hard work over the last year three years, which have
ensured the successful and excellent running of the club.

4. Treasurer's Report
Lawrence presented the accounts, and reported that the club had made a loss and that this was the first time it had
since he had become the club treasurer. The loss is largely due to running swim sessions at two
pools on a Thursday with low attendance numbers at both sessions. The committee had therefore taken the decision
to stop the Larkswood sessions, and this is already proving successful because numbers are up significantly
at the college sessions. Notwithstanding the loss, the account balances are still very healthy, plus £175 was won on the premium bonds
and there has been a lot of investment this year.

Thank you to Lawrence for doing the accounts.

5. Membership Report

Martin reported that membership subscriptions were steady in the previous year, and peaked at 150-160.
There have been 66 renewals so far this year. Siobhan to send a reminder to members that they will be
removed from the e-group if they do not renew.

Thank you to Martin for running the club website and membership.

6. Women's Captain Report

Lorraine sent apologies for her absence and had provided her report to Siobhan prior to the meeting.

adies membership numbers were up in 2012, with a wide range of ages represented. Grand Prix race attendance

was down overall but more ladies are entering longer distance triathlons as well as showing amazing
performances at the shorter distances. Congratulations to the following lady members for their
achievements: Bernie Wolff – Hadrian's Wall Ultramarathon & Midnight Man
Desiree Clarke-Noble – Hadrian's Wall Ultramarathon
Linda Blakely – Ironman Mexico
Clare Bloom – Represented GB last and this year
Lorraine has decided to stand down this year because she is moving away. She expressed her thanks to
everyone in the club especially Siobhan whom she said the club is lucky to have, and said that the date of
Dragonslayer is in her diary.

Thank you to Lorraine for her enthusiasm and commitment in her role as women's captain, and also her
great contribution to the club as a member, racing many Grand Prix races, both fast and long distance.

7. Men's Captain Report
David sent apologies for his absence. He hadn't been able to provide a report so Siobhan provided one on his behalf.
The club has many great male athletes including: Pete who did the GP Ironman this year, and who now
holds the clubs fastest vet Ironman time as well as the senior time.
Brian Jenkins also raced a very fast time in tough conditions at Ironman Wales, winning the male GP trophy
this year. Also a previous member, Neil Giles, who moved away is still representing GB.
David has also decided to stand down as men's captain this year after more that 5 years in this role.

Thank you to David for maintaining the clubs race statistics and leading the less fast bike rides during his time in this role, both of
which activities he plans to continue doing this coming year (although will probably not lead many less fast bike
rides until after competing in Outlaw).

8. Club Training Sessions and Members Survey
There was a good response to the members survey with 46 members taking part. The results of the survey has
raised some interesting points which the committee hopes to both learn from and improve upon.
The committee will review the results of the survey in more detail at the next committee meeting, and look for
common themes and trends. There will then be an action plan to ensure members responses are taken into account
in the functioning of the club. This will be made available to everyone.
Of the 46 responses, 37 members provided their email address and were therefore entered into the competition
to win a year's free club membership. The winner of this competition was picked at random and is Paul Manson.

9. Grand Prix Series 2013
The committee have tried to keep the Grand Prix series races for 2013 as local as possible to hopefully increase
the numbers of members entering them.

10. Iron Distance Race 2014
The Ironman distance race for 2014 needs to be decided soon. The possibility of another UK race (e.g., Challenge
Henley) was discussed as well as alternating between UK and abroad races. It was agreed that the committee will
decide on the race at the next committee meeting.

11. Social Events Christmas Dinner: David Lawrence had suggested having the Christmas dinner in January instead of December
when members own social calendars would be less busy.The consensus of all members present was to keep it in
December to maintain the Christmassy feel. Summer BBQ: David Lawrence has kindly volunteered to
host the 2013 Summer BBQ. Siobhan proposed the Saturday of the weekend after Outlaw (13th July).

12. Dragonslayer 2013
Martin is organising Dragonslayer 2013, which is on the 14th April.
Bernie had enquired whether members invited to race Dragonslayer and to represent ELT in the London League
should have to pay the entry fee (£29). This was discussed by members present and the consensus was
members should have to pay to race even if invited.

13. Election of Officers for the Committee 2013
Several of the 2012 committee members stood down from their posts, and all others were made available for election.
The 2013 Committee was elected as follows:
Chair – Claire Wagh
Treasurer - Lawrence Shafier
Secretary – Natasha Sevant
Statistics Officer - David Longstaff
Men's Captain – Justin McDermott
Women's Captain – Siobhan Bay
Club Kit Coordinator(s) - Pete Dyer and Jo Rodda
E-Group Administrator – Dawn Hunter
Website and Membership Administrator - Martin Bay
Social Secretary – Siobhan Bay

14. AOB

It was raised that it would be good to have more information in advance about the less fast bike rides,
specifically distance, speed, etc. However, since these rides have recently become more self-running, they do not
tend to be planned in advance. Various options for organising these rides were discussed (e.g., loops, set
routes, smaller groups, etc.), however it is hard to meet the needs of all members in a weekly bike ride so no
decisions were made. The committee decided to focus on this topic at the next committee meeting.
The price and availability of the club kit was raised and discussed. The kit is expensive but the club sell it at cost
and do not make any profit. The lowest possible prices are achieved with the current supplier by bulk ordering but this
can mean long waiting times for specific items/sizes. It was proposed to look into alternative suppliers, investigate
ways of making purchases of club kit easier and also post a club kit modelling shoot on the website so members
have a better idea of what is available and what it looks like on.
It was raised that members would like to know who has entered what races and also to have a different way of
communicating with other members other than the egroup (which was itself raised as having too many emails,
some of which are not relevant to triathlon or the club). The race entries will hopefully be posted on the official
club website in the near future. The use of Facebook was proposed as a method for
communication in addition to the e-group. The club already has a Facebook page but it never really took off,
so Justin offered to set up a new one and the old one will be deleted.
Justin also mentioned that there is a Dragonslayer Twitter account.

15. Next Meeting
Date Monday 11th February 2013, 19:30 at Siobhan and Martin's house.